Acrylic liquid without SPF 1000ml
Price &euro 119,60

Catalysing liquid for acrylic nails.
Measures: 1000 ml.

Advanced Gel 15ml
Price &euro 22,21

Builder Gel: To build and give resistance to the UV gel nails.
Colours: Clear, Pink and Ultra-white.
Transparent Gel: Provides a thin and clears surface with a completely natural look.
Seal Gel: Sealant to protect the gel nails.
Eliminates buffing and reduces filing in gel nails.
Measures: 15 ml.

Nail glue
Price &euro 2,56

It sticks the tip to the nail.  
Measures: 3 gr.

Ref. 011304008

Nail-polish decoration
Price &euro 5,13

Nails decoration.
Kit composed by 11 colours (white, yellow, orange, red, blue, lilac, green, black, silver, gold and gloss), decoration brush N. 3 and palette.

Kit mini Acrylic with tip
Price &euro 42,72

Kit composed by: Acrylic liquid 60 ml. -Acrylic powder 28 gr.
Primer 10 ml. Glue 3gr. -Tips bog 20 unit.


Kit Gel without Lamp with tip cutter
Price &euro 76,89

Kit composed by: Gel without lamp 15 ml. - Nail Glue 3gr. -TIps

Acrylic liquid without SPF 500ml
Price &euro 76,89

Catalysing liquid for acrylic nails.   
Measures: 500 ml

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