Traitment Angelique

Anti-Stress 24 Hour Cream
Cream with natural and bio-technological active components. 
Deeply hydrates the skin, increases elasticity and protects against oxidant stress. Gentle to the skin, eases away the stress and inflammation that
cause premature wrinkling. It is not heavy or greasy. Creme Angelique Fraicheur absorbs immediately, with a gentle, wrinkle-smoothing action that continues for up to 16 hours after application.
The benefits to the skin are cumulative, resulting in a steady improvement with regular use.


Anti-stress 24 hours serum
Active serum with bio-technological components such as polysaccharides, grapes and oat proteins. Hydrates the skin and increases its elasticity. Offers a very pleasant sensation to the facial skin. It combats skin irritations with a repairing and renewing action. Protects against oxidant stress so that the skin becomes supple and radiant with a youthful look.