Body Treatments

Drastic combination of essential oils of rosemary, geranium, juniper, fir and pine. These oils help in the reconstruction of the epidermis, give elasticity and a velvety result.


Cold cream rich in seaweed, mineral substances and trace elements which reduce the skin's temperature.  Improves the blood circulation, providing oxygen and nutritious components, whilst helping in the composition of
collagen strengthening and gives elasticity to the skin.
The effects are intense, direct and impressive.
For extended results use daily.


This treatment is also suitable for parts of the body that suffer from varicose veins because the level of temperature is capable of provoking lipolysis  and hyperemia. Varicose veins can not be made worse as a result of the treatment. The treatment consists of more than 200 drastic substances which accounts for the astonishing, lasting result.
The curative effects of plankton, which contains all the vital power of the ocean, the essential oils which help to improve lymphatic circulation and finally the action of the small red seaweed Dunaliella which helps decrease the volume of the fat cells, are only some of the substances combined in the formula of this treatment to give an excellent result.


Fine cream based on Gold24K with excellent perfume. Deeply hydrates the skin giving smoothness and softness. It gives a shining velvet texture.
Ideal for dry, tired and dehydrated skins.
For extend results use daily after bath


Grape seed carrier oil
Carrier grape seed oil, ideal for massage.  Helps the filtration of the essential oils and is rich in vitamin F.


Cold mask based on the seaweed Chlorella Algue, which contains twice as much protein as any other seaweed. Rich in vital components such as VitA, VitB, VitC and VitE reinforces the elastic fibers improving the metabolism of collagen. Helps in the reconstruction of the epidermis, gives elasticity and a velvety result.
The effects are intense, direct and impressive.
Apply for 30-40 min depending on the level of the problem.


Anti-cellulite essential oils
Combined drastic essential oils of grapefruit, cypress, cedar and myrtle. Each essential oil has a different curative effect and in combination they improve the lymphatic circulation.

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