Traitement Sans Limite

24 Hour Cream with Silk Proteins

24 Hour cream, rich in biological and natural extracts, amino-acid and hydrolyzed silk protein.
The combination of nutritive and hydrating components make 'Creme satinee'  ideal for all skin types.
Moisturizes in depth, protects and nourishes, while fighting free radicals.


Hyalouronic Serum for mature skin

Serum with high quality hyalouronic acid which constitutes the
basic structural material of cellular tissue used for the maintenance of cell cohesion.
This serum does not simply moisturize your skin, but penetrates in depth improving skin hydration and counter-acts negative influences, such as being in an air-conditioned room all day. Use before day or night cream.


Revitalising Serum with Vitamin C

Serum with a high concentration of natural Vitamin C extract, from a unique blend of orange called "Blonde de Callabre", containing all the nutritious components of the fruit such as Vit A1, B1, B2, H, PP and amino-acids. Stimulates the skin by strengthening its resistance and protecting the cellular membranes. Helps skin to regenerate and repair small wounds.
Use before night cream.


Balancing Cream for oily and acne skin with AHA 10%

Cream that contains A-Hydracids which regulate the balance of the skin. Helps to cure blackheads, pimples and freckles. Makes skin look younger and translucent.
Removes dead cells maintaining a smooth skin. The hydrating factors stimulate and strengthen capillaries, improving the circulation. Avoid the eye area.


24 Hour cream with proteins

Hydrating and protective cream with fine texture. Restores and maintains the skin's moisture.
The bio active components retain moisture in the superior layers of the skin,
improving the quality of the hydrolipidique membrane. Protects the skin against external agents, preventing premature ageing.


24 Hour cream against acne

Cream against acne, rich in drastic ingredients which balance oiliness and minimize redness maintaining a smooth skin.  The ingredients simultaneously prevent and fight against acne, improving the texture of the skin.
Apply to clean skin. Use day and night for better results. Avoid the eye area.


Balancing 24 Hour cream for oily skin

Special balancing cream for oily, mixed and asphyxiated skin.  The cream contains AHA which helps regulate and balance the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Creme Equilibrante Peau Grasse is ideal as it is enriched with hydrating factors which stimulate and strengthen the capillaries, while improving the circulation and deeply hydrating the skin. Use regularly for better results. Avoid the eye area.