Traitement Floral

Special lifting serum 24 Hour
This serum is based on herbal extracts.  The combination of Thymus, Seprillum, Lupimus Albus and other nutritious components create a tightening and uplifting effect. The action is immediate because the light fluid improves penetration and absorption. With the first application the skin becomes even, smooth and has a radiant appearance. It minimizes the appearance of slackened skin and enlarged pores while it tightens and tones the surface layer.


Special lifting cream 24 Hour
This cream is a combination of herbal extracts and nutritious components that give a tightening and uplifting effect. It also strengthens the skin's defence against free radicals due to its anti-oxidant factors such as vitamin E. Regular use of Creme Floral Lift will dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing: fine lines and sagging skin. Improvement in the overall appearance of the skin can be seen within 4-6 weeks of daily use.