Face Treatements

24 Hour Cream with Silk Proteins

24 Hour cream, rich in biological and natural extracts, amino-acid and hydrolyzed silk protein.
The combination of nutritive and hydrating components make 'Creme satinee'  ideal for all skin types.
Moisturizes in depth, protects and nourishes, while fighting free radicals.


Cleansing foam without preservatives and soap

Exceptional cleansing foam PH 5.5 for all skin types, enriched with special emollient and cleansing ingredients, which leave the skin smooth and soft without drying it out.
Ideal for removing make up while protecting the skin against damage by pollutants.
Apply the creamy foam to the face and neck with gentle circular movements, then rinse with plenty of water.
After cleansing use the face lotion according to skin type (Lotion pour peaux seches et sensibles or Lotion pour peaux mixes et grasses) as a great refreshing and revitalizing tonic for the skin.


Prevention and Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream.

Special fine cream for the gentle area around the eyes.  Particular care that prevents premature ageing.
Contains high quality biological and natural extracts. Regular use effectively aids the area around the eyes become more uniform, elastic and appear younger.


Anti-wrinkle Day Cream

Fine cream made from special varieties of seaweed extract and other marine components which have an impressive result on tired skin with wrinkles and signs of dehydration. Reduces the appearance of fine lines while the powerful ingredients work to firm, tone and improve the skin all day long.


Anti-Stress 24 Hour Cream
Cream with natural and bio-technological active components. 
Deeply hydrates the skin, increases elasticity and protects against oxidant stress. Gentle to the skin, eases away the stress and inflammation that
cause premature wrinkling. It is not heavy or greasy. Creme Angelique Fraicheur absorbs immediately, with a gentle, wrinkle-smoothing action that continues for up to 16 hours after application.
The benefits to the skin are cumulative, resulting in a steady improvement with regular use.


Special lifting serum 24 Hour
This serum is based on herbal extracts.  The combination of Thymus, Seprillum, Lupimus Albus and other nutritious components create a tightening and uplifting effect. The action is immediate because the light fluid improves penetration and absorption. With the first application the skin becomes even, smooth and has a radiant appearance. It minimizes the appearance of slackened skin and enlarged pores while it tightens and tones the surface layer.


Nutritive 24 Hours Cream for mature skin
Rich cream with a wide variety of nutritious components. Contains Vitamin A, E, Aloe Vera, avocado oil and camomile oil. Contains a fine blend of nourishing and healing oils, which help to refine visible signs of ageing and minimize the appearance of  fine lines and wrinkles. Improves the firmness, elasticity and surface texture of the skin.

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