Permanent Gel
Price &euro 12,81

Allows to modify hair structure.
Measures: 15 ml.

Dye Colours
Price &euro 11,10

Black: special dark eyelashes.

Blue: gives shine to black dye.

Brown: special for fair eyebrows and eyelashes.

Light Brown: special for very fair eyebrows.
Measures: 15 ml.

Water base Eye Make up remover
Price &euro 14,52

Cleans impurities and excess oil. Use always before eyelashes permanent and tint.
Measures: 200 ml.

Eyelashes Permanent. Classic
Price &euro 47,84

Kit composed by: Eyelash Glue for Permanent 20 ml., Neutraliser 10 ml., Permanent Gel 15 ml., Mixed curlers 30 units, 1 Comb-Brush and 1 Orange Stick.   

Foot Hydromassage Spa treatment
Price &euro 76,89

It includes different functions: Fingerpuncture, hydrotherapy, aquajet, thermotherapy,

bubbles and sole massage. The best complement to the professional Pedicure.

Hands Sauna Bags
Price &euro 10,25

100 units


24 Hour Cream with Silk Proteins

24 Hour cream, rich in biological and natural extracts, amino-acid and hydrolyzed silk protein.
The combination of nutritive and hydrating components make 'Creme satinee'  ideal for all skin types.
Moisturizes in depth, protects and nourishes, while fighting free radicals.

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