Dye Colours
Price &euro 11,10

Black: special dark eyelashes.

Blue: gives shine to black dye.

Brown: special for fair eyebrows and eyelashes.

Light Brown: special for very fair eyebrows.
Measures: 15 ml.

Protector Cream special Dye
Price &euro 11,10

It avoids stains in the skin.
Measures: 50 ml.

Tint applicator brush
Price &euro 11,96

Tint applicator brush

Protector paper for tint
Price &euro 5,13

Eye-shaped paper that protects skin from stains.
Measures: 25 units/envelope.

Special solution tint
Price &euro 10,25

It speeds up the oxydation of the dye.
Measures: 50 ml.