Traitement Speciaux Alentour Des Yeux

Prevention and Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream.

Special fine cream for the gentle area around the eyes.  Particular care that prevents premature ageing.
Contains high quality biological and natural extracts. Regular use effectively aids the area around the eyes become more uniform, elastic and appear younger.


Anti-wrinkle gel for the eyes

Anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle gel for the area around the eyes, with a fine texture and powerful action against wrinkles. An intensive combination of age fighting ingredients reduces the appearance of fine lines. Use before Film Creme Alentour Des Yeux or Masque Anti-Fatigue Yeux for better results


Special frozen serum for dark shadows around the eyes.

Special serum made for the sensitive area around the eyes. Ideal to combat dark shadows and pouches.  Soft and velvety, ideal for all skin types. Helps reduce bags and rings in the delicate area around the eyes.
Attenuates expression lines.  Ensures a delicate lifting action. Store in the fridge before application.


Masque precieux anti- fatigue yeux 30ml

Cream in mask form for bags under the eyes.
Unique product enriched with hydrating, soothing and anti- wrinkle factors.
On its own it constitutes an extremely effective treatment which is designed to protect, moisturize, reinforce the skin's barrier and prevent loss of moisture. Combined with the serum, the gel or the cream gives an impressive result from the first application.


Masque Cryogenique  500ml

Cryogenic mask for professional use only.
Special cryogenic mask for the sensitive area around the eyes, neck and the entire face.
Attenuates expression lines. Helps reduce bags, dark shadows and rings.
Ensures a delicate lifting action.