Traitement Peau Neuve

Anti-wrinkle Day Cream

Fine cream made from special varieties of seaweed extract and other marine components which have an impressive result on tired skin with wrinkles and signs of dehydration. Reduces the appearance of fine lines while the powerful ingredients work to firm, tone and improve the skin all day long.


Anti-wrinkle Night Cream
Special nutritive and anti-wrinkle cream with clinically-tested components of marine extracts.
Prevents ageing of the skin, increases its elasticity, nourishes and gives a silky smooth effect.
Suitable for skin that needs particular care. For better results combine with Serum Peau Neuve Raffermissante.


Anti-wrinkle and tightening serum
Strengthening, tightening and hydrating serum, rich in marine extracts. Contains a high percentage of Hyaluroni Acid which has an intensive tightening effect while simultaneously enabling the skin to retain moisture. Helps increase the elasticity and resilience of the skin thus reducing the appearance of loose, sagging skin. Use regularly every morning and evening.